kadash girls

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kadash girls

kadash girls
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 Words from The heart

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مُساهمةموضوع: Words from The heart   الخميس فبراير 18, 2010 8:44 pm

.....hi everyone

here are some words & what they mean to me

.....i hope u like them

a smile: is the ******** everyone can use

a tear: is a drop which carries the massege that there`s a deep scream inside u struggling to come out

love: is a feeling of warmth & a feeling that u belong
hope: is that tiny light that always helps us to move on

guiltiness: is that feeling that keeps us trembling in the past

jealousy: is a fire that burns all u got & blind your heart

snow: is when the sky cry pure tears but that coldness of our hearts turn them to ice

night: is that quite releifing time, yet it`s lonely & cold

hateness: is a feeling that kills all the good sides in someone

a friend: is the one who can see right through your heart & never leave your side

imagenation: is the tool that we use to get lost in sweet dreams only to wake up in cold reality

happiness & sadness: r just times in life

this world: there r no words to discribe it anymore

well, in the end i`ll say that this topic is not my idea but the words r my writing

i hope this topic will not stop
here, i mean write what these words mean to u or any other word so we
can see the view of life of each other

have a nice day

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Words from The heart
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